Doumen 07

by Spirituals
Doumen 07

Release date: 05 / 2017
Mastered: Helmut Erler at Dubplates and Mastering
Distribution: Diamonds and Pearls Berlin


A1 Love Changes
A2 Gersts
A3 Breathe
B4 Canadian National
B5 Jealous of Your Morning Light
B6 Handrums

Spirituals operates under contradictory, sometimes combating, stylistic principles. Somehow, however, small glints of emotive euphoria always seem to emerge from the muck and mire at just the right time. Love Changes, an eerily relatable distant memory, floats in an unsettling, yet celebratory dreamscape.

Gersts is nested comfortably in a cautiously optimistic daze. In Canadian National, the priming of a train engine turns into a snare-driven house banger - a prime example of Spirituals' obsession with combining natural and synthetic moving parts. As it rotates and revolves through ranges of blissfully dissimilar materials, Doumen 07 elegantly drapes us in an emotional, shimmering house-coat with pulsating thumps to wear as our slippers.

Jealous of Your Morning Light, Directed by Robby Piantanida