Dein vorletzter Rosmarin

by On+Barr
Doumen 05

Catalog Number: Doumen 05
Release date: 09 / 2016
Mastered: Helmut Erler at Dubplates and Mastering
Distribution: Diamonds and Pearls Berlin


A1: Grune Bohnen
A2: I Am Liquid Tonight
A3: Das Gefuhl
A4: Science Fiction1

B1: Braut Auf Dem Strand
B2: Spuk
B3: Uberdemmeerg
First EP of Hamburg-based psychedelic voodoohop DaDa-pop superduo for Doumen Records. On+Brr are known for releases on Felix Kubin’s Gagarin Records, Martin Hossbach Label, Hafenschlamm/Freiheit&Roosen as well as for their more than intense live performances in places like Berghain, Nation of Gondwana, Fusion, Golden Pudel etc. and last but not least for their Kraniche b.d. Elbbrücken club, which is fueling the scene in Hamburg with their very own take on how a performance space should be like for more than two years now already and it might well be the most crazy & cozy place you will find in Hamburg right now.

To round everything off nicely, artwork was done by cheap art pioneer and close On+Brr friend Patrick Farzar.

A must have to show off at your next afterhour gig as well as to impress your artist friends when having them over for tea.