Miami / Mumbay

by Praezisa Rapid 3000
Doumen 04

Catalog Number: Doumen 04
Release date: 11 / 2014
Distribution: Diamonds and Pearls Berlin


A1: Dial 911 **Föllner Beach Patrol**
A2: Ukrainian Dirtmob
A3: MumbayMumbayS'okayS'okay (feat. G. Hoenmeyer)

B1: Sgt. Peace of Goa
B2: +997 Landline (feat. Cuushe)
B3: The River Miami (A river in Miami)
‘Miami/Mumbay’ comes in two versions. The Vinyl version is released by Amsterdam/Leipzig based Doumen Records as Doumen 04 and contains 6 original tracks by Praezisa Rapid 3000, the CD version and Digital is released by Tokyo based Noble Label, it contains the 6 originals and 4 reworks from 4 different artists: Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program, Heatsick, Serph, Takashi Hattori.