by Ben Jacov
Doumen 03

Catalog Number: Doumen 03
Release date: 04 / 2014
Distribution: Diamonds and Pearls Berlin


A1: lpsää
A2: Notturno lucis
A3: Transalp

B1: Weeg
B2: Yelltu riekk
B3: Tessera lepta
Being far away from myself.

The alps – mountain tops, dust drowned valleys, moss covered bridges, noise gargling rivers.

Foreignness – not being away from the comfort zone. Simply feeling foreign. Letting go physical awareness and wandering on that thin line, a point where future is about to come and the past is just as close, but my thoughts don’t care about none of them. That state where time does not exist, where it equals zero, that certain thing called present, waking up, unable to believe it is over.  Trying to focus the mind on nothing else but inebriation and losing contour.
Getting lost in a single breath.
Diving into cheerlessness. 

Dreams – certainly. 

Distant dreams – I was trying to remember this dream and failed but i lived a moment of foreignness from my own.  

I tried to make this record the way i tried to.