If I stay here, I’ll be alone

by Simon12345 & The Lazer twins
Doumen 02

Catalog Number: Doumen 02
Release date: 11 / 2012
Distribution: Diamonds and Pearls Berlin


A1: Damascus
A2: Wien (April)
A3: Siddharta

B1: 77*R.I.P.
B2: Make up Tips
B3: I'll be alone ... (feat. Beegs Alchemy)
It is a cold dark winter – Snow is lying everywhere.

Simon12345 and The Lazer twins are heading up north into a little wooden house in the northern parts of denmark. They will live there for the next weeks and build up a temporary studio in this secluded cottage. Simon has got a handful of sketches with him. Musical states of mind and conceptual games he developed over the last years.

Basically the idea is to develop something truly unique and powerful – Although none of them knows how that will sound exactly or what will happen in particular during this time. It is not even clear who plays which instrument, who will do what…nothing is set. The only thing clear is that they have things to say, things that have been burning in them for so long now.

Tell me.

How can (mostly) instrumental music suggest a way of life? How can you criticize without pointing at something particular? How can music transport you into place of quietness and self reflection?

Let the contemplation begin

Simon12345 & The Lazer twins is a band, they play instruments, everything on this record is played. They also play concerts. The record was recorded in a few weeks in northern denmark, but the postproduction and arrangements took over one and a half year after the intial recording process.